Bluetooth Speaker FAQs


How long does the charge last?

You can have up to 22 hours of portable play time

What is sound quality like?

With 20W power drivers and Digital Signal Processor, this Portable Wireless Speaker pumps out rich bass, astonishing stereo and enhances clarity of alto and highs without distortion at any volume. Cylinder-shaped housing with aluminum passive radiator on each end delivers an all-round presence ambiance and complete sound projection.

Can I take calls on this if it’s connected to my phone?

Yes, there is a Built-in high-sensitivity microphone allows you to effectively take calls

How far is the Bluetooth range?

You can be 55 feet away from the device!

Can this pair with multiples?

Yes, you can link up to 2 devices for surround sound capabilities.

Does this only connect with Bluetooth?

This connects with bluetooth on devices such as phones, watches, laptop, tablet and/or an aux cable if you prefer that method.

Is this portable?

Yes, this is compact and portable. This is made to fit in cupholders, or golf bags, or for hiking, camping, beachside, etc.

Is this waterproof?

Yes, feel safe to bring at the pool, beach, river, lake, or even bath!

Is there any bass?

Yes, there is a built in bass to get full experience of music.

What are the product dimensions and weight?

Dimensions are 7.5x3x3 inches
Item weight is 1.12 lbs