Music to My Ears: How the Mega MagnaBoom Bluetooth Speaker Changed How I Listen to My Favorite Songs

Updated 07/23/20249 min read

Special Editorial by Benjamin Jamon, Senior Editor

I admit it. I am one of those annoying audiophiles that will complain about the smallest, most insignificant detail when it comes to the sonic quality of a speaker; be it a pair of headphones, a car system, or an entire home theatre. Yes, I am one of those guys—and proud of it. 

The one downside of this obsession? Finding a quality sound-production device is rough. Not only are there a million options when it comes time to make a purchase, the range of quality in the speaker landscape is vast, to say the least. Whether you’re a casual listener or a picky hardcore fan like me, sometimes it’s hard to make a decision and come away satisfied. And I just happened to recently be in the market for a new bluetooth speaker, funny enough (dog ate my old one… another story for another day).

I know for me, I need a device that checks all the boxes: Portable, powerful bass reproduction, volume out the wazoo, battery life, durability, price—I need all of it. I’ve gone through a million of these things in my time, and while some have been better than others, I was pretty shocked when Mega announced their new Mega MagnaBoom bluetooth speaker on sale at 50% OFF. I did my due research, liked what I read, and made the plunge.

Weeks later, I’m still pretty bewildered by what I experienced with this thing. In a word, it’s nuts.

What is a Mega MagnaBoom bluetooth speaker?

The Mega MagnaBoom was founded by a team of fellow audiophile entrepreneurs focused on changing the game with a cost-effective piece of hardware— and it’s one of the most powerful and easy to use bluetooth speakers I’ve ever had the joy of rocking out to. 

Mine came in the mail within days, and I gotta say—this thing has a hell of a resume. It delivers surround sound over an extended range, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, wireless stereo speaker pairing, an HD microphone for phone calls, up to 6 hours of battery life, a rugged build and IP6 water resistance… whew. All this, and it set up seamlessly. I was connected and listening to music within minutes.

It’s perfect for almost every music-enhanceable situation, too—house parties, camping, kids’ room, the office, or even just as a white noise machine. I think this thing has been powered on and playing my jams more than it hasn’t been. It’s like my life has background music on by default now… as it should be, in my opinion.

Turn up the volume: How does the MagnaBoom work?"

The engineering under the hood with this thing is impressive. Though it's as compact as bluetooth speakers come, the Mega MagnaBoom comes with built-in echo + noise-canceling technology that delivers crystal-clear sound for music and calls.

Importantly, it features an immersive 360° sound capability, ensuring it fills your entire room with music. You can place the Mega MagnaBoom in the middle of a room, and you can feel the sound surrounding you. Words can’t really describe the sensation—you honestly have to listen for yourself to *get* it, you know?

And yes—it all sounds dang good. Dual-passive radiators let you hear and feel the bass without a jarring backfill or a compromise in fidelity. Deep lows, clean highs, clear sound, happy me.

Make some noise: How does the MagnaBoom stand out?

The Mega MagnaBoom is fully loaded with best-in-class features that give other “brand name” speakers a run for their money, including:

  • 360° Immersive Sound fills any room with clear audio for an unrivaled experience

  • True Wireless Stereo allows you to pair multiple speakers together for a truly immersive listening party

  • Bluetooth V5.0 connects to any device for uninterrupted wireless streaming over 15 meters

  • Shockproof Build can handle unexpected drops, falls, and more—perfect for even the clumsiest of listeners

  • Up to 6 Hours Battery Life at full volume with the fast-charging 1800 mAh battery

  • AUX | USB | Card | Radio Playback gives you endless ways to plug in and play

The Mega MagnaBoom was designed to combine acoustic technology, portability, and user-smart features to deliver a truly astounding audio experience—and that’s what makes it better than so many other speakers I’ve used in the past.

Check out some MagnaBoom user reviews

“Bass is amazing...”

50% OFF

“Clear, loud & portable...”

50% OFF

“Connects quickly...”

50% OFF

“Clear, loud & portable...”

50% OFF

“Connects quickly...”

50% OFF

“Bass is amazing...”

50% OFF

  • The bass is absolutely amazing!

    Don't get fooled by the small size of the speaker, it's really powerful and has the best-in-class bass output, absolutely no jarring even at full volume.

    - Frederik R..

  • Clear, loud & portable, a must have!

    I can confidently say the build, audio clarity & portability is absolutely great. The thing has survived a couple of coffee spills too, so you can be sure it's waterproof.

    - Jordan L.

  • Connects quickly, plays seamlessly

    One click connect, super stable connection, extended range and absolutely clear sound - even with the heavy bass tracks!

    - Meredith B.

Is the Mega MagnaBoom Bluetooth speaker expensive?


Currently, Mega MagnaBoom is running an awesome 50% OFF special. From what I understand, it’s been selling out and stock has been empty for long swaths of time. I think I was lucky to casually just pick mine up the way I did.

Currently, the going rate is $59.99 (a $119.98 value), which is about a third the price of similar brands. But if you buy multiple Mega MagnaBooms at once, that discount can skyrocket up to 70% OFF. That’s seriously insane.

How can I avoid fakes?

WATCH OUT FOR FAKES! This is your only warning. I’ve seen online that a lot of fake imitators have been trying to ride this wave that Mega MagnaBoom has made for itself with low-quality rip offs. Don’t fall for it! I’d be sad if someone reading this ran off to buy one only to end up with a lie. Be sure to only purchase on the official Mega MagnaBoom website to ensure you pick up the real deal. Again, you’ve been warned. You can check for availability with the link at the bottom.

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Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

Considering the difference the Mega MagnaBoom has made in my life in such a short amount of time, the answer is clearer than its audio quality—yes, it’s worth it. Not many other bluetooth speakers I’ve used before were able to match the Mega MagnaBoom beat for beat, whether that’s audio quality, battery life, volume, or price! It’s sort of like a perfect storm, one I am happy to ride out until I need to plug back in again.

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